The Pros and Cons of Voip

For sure you have heard about Voip. But maybe you would like to know the difference between Voice over Internet Protocol phone services (Voip) and the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Here are some answers.

There are, in fact, a great many positive reasons to switch from POTS to VoIP:

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Benefits Of VoIP In The Home

As the Internet grows ever larger and can be found in increasing numbers of homes across the world, the communities in which we live are shrinking in terms of contact ability every day. As more contacts are made among people globally, there has been a strong demand to improve conversational abilities beyond the capacity and cost of the traditional phone market.

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Buying a Listening Device For Your Audio Book

Listening to audio books has become a regular pastime for ever-increasing numbers of people. Many portable audio device suppliers now provide consumers with technologically adept portable listening devices that more easily accommodate audio book aficionados. When you get hooked on audio books (and you will), you will want to have a device that provides the very best in portability, style, capacity, memory, battery life and, of course, price. Portability: Initially the size of a portable listening device may not have much significance for you, however as with most digital technology, smaller is often better. Plus, you want a unit that is light and easy to carry since you will probably want to have it accessible at all times.

Try to select a device that is small enough to accommodate your preferences while not scrimping on screen quality. Some versions come equipped with clip on straps or that can be carried in a shirt pocket. After all, the whole idea of purchasing a portable device is, well, its portability.

Style: Portable listening devices equipped with a click wheel are more readily adaptable to audio books than other models. You will want to choose a device that allows easy and rapid scrolling capabilities so navigating backwards and forwards through various parts of the book is performed with ease. Shuffling devices do not have that capability and since linear structure plays such a big role in audio book reading, you will probably be happier with a less random method of selection. Style is a completely personal, so you should choose a unit that is easy to carry and appeals to you visually. Memory: Do not confuse portability with capacity. Always look for a portable device with the largest memory capabilities.

You will want to store other digital information such as podcasts, music, photographs and contacts in addition to your favorite audio books, so adequate memory is important. Most new devices come with anywhere between one and four gigabytes of space, which is generally plenty for the average listener. Battery Life: It is still surprising to realize that despite the technology advanced strides being made daily, manufacturers of batteries seem to be a step shy of reaching the top rung of the ladder. Your best bet is to obtain a device with the longest possible batter available and make sure it comes bundled with a convenient recharging method. Price: Prices vary from one manufacturer and distribution outlet to another.

Traditionally, prices drop on particular models when a newer version hits the shelves. Most good portable listening devices retail from $150 USD and up, but just like with any other purchase you should shop around for the best deal. Your choice of portable listening device will ultimately be dictated by your life style. With some research, you should be able to get a good portable listening device that is not only good for your pocketbook, but fits very neatly into your pocket. is a fully-stocked online audiobook mega-store containing a vast selection of downloadable audio books in over 160 categories. Visit today and pamper yourself to an audio book.


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