The Pros and Cons of Voip

For sure you have heard about Voip. But maybe you would like to know the difference between Voice over Internet Protocol phone services (Voip) and the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Here are some answers.

There are, in fact, a great many positive reasons to switch from POTS to VoIP:

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Benefits Of VoIP In The Home

As the Internet grows ever larger and can be found in increasing numbers of homes across the world, the communities in which we live are shrinking in terms of contact ability every day. As more contacts are made among people globally, there has been a strong demand to improve conversational abilities beyond the capacity and cost of the traditional phone market.

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How I got a HP Laptop for

I always get the best deal, you might call me cheap. I, however like frugal, because I am not afraid to spend, I just like to get the best value. Recently I needed a new laptop and wanted to find the best one at the best possible price I could. I researched the brands and models that were available and after much thought and comparison, I settled on the HP Pavilion dv9700t series laptop from HP.

com. It was a great deal, the best price available, by far the best way to buy a new laptop. The HP Pavilion dv9700t had all the features I wanted. The ones that did not come standard with it, I could upgrade to. The base price was $999, which for what it had was a great deal. After looking at the possible upgrades, I selected to go with the 17.

0" WSXGA+ High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1680 x 1050) upgrade, which would give me a brighter screen and a higher resolution possibility. The laptop already came with 2GB of memory so I decided that would be good for now. I next selected the free imprint upgrade to make my laptop look "cool.

" The 256mb video card was more than enough as was the included wireless network setup. Lo and behold they were offering a free hard drive upgrade from 250GB to 320GB so naturally I selected that. The next step was the DVD drive option, so for $75 I upgraded from the standard LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support to the HD DVD ROM with SuperMulti DVD+/-R/RW Double Layer. One of my favorite upgrades was to the high capacity 8 cell lithium battery. Longer battery life on my laptop was definitely worth $39. I highly recommend doing this on any laptop purchase.

I next added a System Recovery DVD with Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit) for $19. I like the ability to have access to the operating system and recovery on a disk instead of just the hard drive. Personally I am not a big fan of extended warranties, however I did add the 1 year plan that covers pretty much everything including spills and accidents.

I will be ready for a new laptop after a year anyway. So, for $109 I figured it was good insurance. I felt I didn't need anything else they offered and was ready to go. My total at this point was $1332.

99 and they are including free shipping, a nice bonus. As I am ready to check out, I noticed a field for a coupon code. Now I was definitely getting excited.

I have a great source for online coupons and I quickly headed to to check out their HP coupons. I applied the coupon code to the cart and my total was now only $1032.

99. Am I good or what? There is nothing like finding free money. I could have paid the price HP had listed for the laptop and been happy as it was a good deal already. I was able to get the same exact HP laptop from the same exact place for $300 less.

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