The Pros and Cons of Voip

For sure you have heard about Voip. But maybe you would like to know the difference between Voice over Internet Protocol phone services (Voip) and the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Here are some answers.

There are, in fact, a great many positive reasons to switch from POTS to VoIP:

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Benefits Of VoIP In The Home

As the Internet grows ever larger and can be found in increasing numbers of homes across the world, the communities in which we live are shrinking in terms of contact ability every day. As more contacts are made among people globally, there has been a strong demand to improve conversational abilities beyond the capacity and cost of the traditional phone market.

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How To Compare Thousands of Mobile Phones And Price Plans in Under Seconds

Have you noticed the frequency of new mobile phone shops opening in your local high street lately? Have you also noticed the number of deals offered by these outlets? No two outlets seem to offer the same deals. If you are after more minutes, a good phone and a reasonably priced plan, all at the same time then you better put some time aside because it is going to take you a while to sift through all those sale broachers. And the deals offered by these outlets are often better than those offered by the phone companies themselves. Carrying a mobile phone has become an essential and acceptable part of our culture now. In fact, it sounds for some one not carrying a phone; especially of they are under 50. The mobile phone companies are increasingly becoming aware of catering to the varied tastes of all ages - from teenagers to grand dads, and ever one in between.

Companies are introducing all sorts of phone models as well as price plans to entice the consumers based upon what people want. This is called segmentation of the customer base. Lets consider for a moment the age groups that these companies have to cater for. Phones used by young customers are unlikeliest candidates for people at pension-able ages. Younger people like features in their phones while older customers are interested in the functionality and practicality of their cell phones. Similarly younger customers are keen to send texts and chat with their friends and peers while older customers want the phone to have a brief conversation when there is no other alternative.

Mobile phone companies have to cater for the requirements for ALL these customers. That is why they have so many phone models. And that is also why there are so many price plan options. Last time I checked, there were more than 20,000 combinations of phone models and price plan deals in UK alone. This is mainly generated by 5 main mobile phone companies which they sell either directly or via their partners in high street or on the web.

If you are an average mobile phone user then how easy it is to wad through all these deals and choose the one that fits in with your life style and pocket? It is not easy. There has to be an easy way. Well, some sites can compare almost all mobile phones and associated deals offered by virtually every major operator and player in UK.

All these 20,000 deals are quickly compared in less than 10 seconds. Try it! You are guaranteed to be amazed.

Dan Sherman has started a website to compare virtually all mobile phone deals in UK. There are more than 20,000 deals on offer at any one time alone. The site does not sell any thing. It just compares deals to put you in the driving seat when making a decision. Visit TopMobiles4U for details. Or visit the site


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