The Pros and Cons of Voip

For sure you have heard about Voip. But maybe you would like to know the difference between Voice over Internet Protocol phone services (Voip) and the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Here are some answers.

There are, in fact, a great many positive reasons to switch from POTS to VoIP:

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Benefits Of VoIP In The Home

As the Internet grows ever larger and can be found in increasing numbers of homes across the world, the communities in which we live are shrinking in terms of contact ability every day. As more contacts are made among people globally, there has been a strong demand to improve conversational abilities beyond the capacity and cost of the traditional phone market.

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The Latest Models In The Mobile Phone Industry

Over the years, mobile phones have become an indispensable and integral component of modern communication. Various brands are constantly vying against each other to deliver the very best mobile phones in terms of features, functionality, and service and of course design. This is achieved by the rapid advances in technology and innovative expertise. Companies frequently launch newer models which come packed with advanced features and functionalities; thereby satiating the demands of the cell phone enthusiasts as well as retain their positions on the higher rungs of competition. Here is a brief lowdown of some of the latest cell phone models launched by various companies: Nokia N82 The Nokia N82 is yet another addition to the much fancied Nokia N series. This multimedia cell phone is well optimized and well defined for navigation, internet connectivity as well as photography.

In fact, the N82 brings to the user an enhanced and enriching experience in photography. The model does not just boast about its high-end camera (5 megapixel auto-focus camera with a Xenon flash, and Carl Zeiss optics); but also features various highly utilizable functionalities like gaming, Bluetooth with A2DP and microUSB for PC connectivity, Wi-Fi, music player, A-GPS with pre-installed Nokia maps and much more. The buyer also gets a free trial of the voice guided navigation for 3 months. Additional features can however be purchased. LG Rhapsody The LG Rhapsody has recently launched its mobile phone with a "navigation wheel" similar to the Nokia N81. The phone features a state-of-the-art music player.

This fine looking mobile phone delivers an enhanced audio experience. A contributing factor to this achievement is that LG mobiles has come together with Mark Levinson; the leading audio equipment manufacturing company. The phone also features Bluetooth, a 2 mega pixel camera as well as one GB of internal memory and external memory support. Sony Ericsson K660 This fancy looking candy bar mobile phone is yet another launch by Sony Ericsson. It is essentially a mid-range mobile phone packed with adequate features and a great design. It is available in fancy cool colors and the joystick has been replaced by a five way navigation pad which is easy to operate and maneuver.

Light-weight and trendy; the phone has many feel-good factors like a 2 mega pixel camera, the PhotoDJ, Video DJ and MusicDJ software, gaming, TrackId and much more. The VideoDJ feature enables the user to edit video files and cool rngtones can be created with the MusicDJ. Furthermore, it delivers 32 MB of internal memory and M2 cards for external memory is supported.

With its decent enough battery life, the user gets over a day and a half regular usage on a single charge. Its regular features include stopwatch, notepad, timer, calendar, schedules and much more. It is 3G enabled with HSDPA and has a VGA camera to facilitate video calls.

The Google maps too come preinstalled with this model. Nokia N81 GB Although a tad bulky; the Nokia N81 features an amazing music player, free media content and an impressive 8GB of internal memory. The slider switch at the top enables keypad locking and on either side is a set of stereo speakers. It is 3G enabled with a secondary VGA camera as well as a 2 mega pixel camera with an LED flash at the back side of the phone. The 5 way navigation pad can also be used as a navigation wheel. However, the key placement can be un-ergonomic.

Overall, it is an impressive addition to the N series and for people who favor a sliding phone model; will be more than pleased with its smooth slider action. The New LG Shine (In Titanium) With the success of the LG Shine Black Label Series; LG has added another model in the Shine series- The LG Shine Titanium color. This is by far the only phone in the mobile phone market that boasts of a Titanium finish metal body. These phones will an ideal choice for consumers who want the phone design to be an extension of their personality. Sleek, shiny, slim and elegant- the phone comes in unique design variations as well as incorporates enhanced technological expertise. The newer color versions feature a 2 mega-pixel auto focus camera, 1 GB memory with microSD cards.

Furthermore, it is Bluetooth enabled and sports a 2.2 inch mirror LCD screen. Other features include the E2E dictionary, document viewer, email viewer and much more.

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic The Nokia5310 is lightweight and fancy with a slim and sleek design. The USP of this Nokia model is its enhanced musical capabilities. Besides that, it features a microUSB port, a 2 inch TFT screen, a 2 mega pixel at the rear, and an easily maneuverable five way navigation pad. As for connectivity, it includes PTT (Push to Talk) and Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP compatibility.

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