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VoIP- A technology worth admiration

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a relatively new addition to telecommunication technology. VoIP allows people to use a new and advanced broadband based communication system leaving behind the old and very traditional analogue phone system. Using this technology works out cheaper for you and you can also make free calls if the people you are calling are using the same VoIP infrastructure.

VoIP runs on VoIP hardware and VoIP software based configuration. This means you can call either using VoIP software like Skype, Asterik etc or through a VoIP hardware configuration like Analogue Telephone Adaptor (ATA) and IP phones. Before setting up a VoIP communications at your home or at business premises, one should analyze one's needs and then decide on the VoIP infrastructure. VOIP offers lots of advantages over and above the standard traditional telephone based analogue service that most people are currently using. Let's examine some of the benefits of using VoIP technology.

The main advantage of VoIP is the cost and because VoIP uses the infrastructure of the Internet to make outgoing calls, you can cut down your telephone bills considerably. Depending upon your VoIP service provider you can also make long distance calls that cost little calls charges. Many VoIP services providers also offer customers VoIP products like calling cards which have discounted rates, which further allow you to save more.

If you have VoIP software installed in your computer and you make a call to someone who also uses VoIP software in the same local area, then you can talk to him as long as you wish without paying a pound. This is because the data is transferred in mode similar to that of an email and your voice is converted into digital data packets rather than audio. VoIP also enables conference calls and video calls at economical cost.

There are some disadvantages of using VoIP which should be considered before setting up necessary infrastructure. Since VoIP is a relatively new technological innovation, it is prone to experience more errors than a traditional telephone. In addition, in case of power failure, you will not be able to make calls. In any event, VoIP is something that you should ponder for your own household and commercial needs and save a good amount of money.

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