How to choose a VoIP services provider?

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is relatively a new addition to the cutting edge telecommunication industry. Using VoIP one can make a call over a broadband connection by installing certain VoIP hardware as well as VoIP software configuration. The biggest benefit of using VoIP is its cost effectiveness against traditional phone lines. The VoIP services provider plays a bigger role in saving costs; therefore utmost caution should be taken before choosing a VoIP service provider. Here are some of the points worth pondering before choosing a VoIP service provider:

Calling charges: Using VoIP technology can save up to 60 per cent of your telephone bills. The market is buzzing with VoIP service providers who are coming up with attractive call charges to lure customers. Therefore shop around in the market and look for a calling plan which best serves your needs. If you make most of your calls, to one particular destination or one number, check whether you can get a discount.

Phone number: Some providers allow you to carry your existing phone number to the VoIP services while some providers give you a new number. It's always sensible to check the functioning and utility of your VoIP system before switching your existing number. Also verify whether your calling plan has free emergency services.

Extra features: VoIP has some value added features like call waiting, call routing three way calling, teleconferencing, videoconferencing etc. These features are usually included in the rental cost of the service providers. Some service providers offer certain features at extra cost. Make sure that the calling plan is very clear in your mind before choosing the service provider.

Long distance calls: If you want to reach across the globe using VoIP, then compare long distances charges of various service providers before choosing one. Also look for plans which can give you discount for international calls.

Money back scheme: VoIP is a fairly new technology therefore most VoIP providers offer a money back guarantee or a free testing period. The period ranges from two weeks to four weeks.
These are some of the points you can think about while choosing your VoIP services provider. But the most important point is to analyse your needs and choose a service provider which best suits them.

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