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by Dave Markel

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There is a gradation between the means of communication via VoIP.

First come simple VoIP software (so called soft phones) that is installed on your computer, assuming that computer has a broadband internet connection. The most famous are Skype, Net2Phone, Free World Dialup, Gizmo etc. In order to chat using this applications you should install appropriate software. As you know most of VoIP software is absolutely free. Of course you need to have sound card in your computer and speakers (headset) with the microphone attached.

The calls all over the world are free of charge as long as you are making a call from one computer to another. For a small fee (smaller then simple phone to cellular or landline call) you can still talk using your software. Soft phones support such features as call forwarding, voicemail, conference calls and even video data transmission.

After software means of VoIP Internet phones come. They do not require headsets or speakers. They look and act like common push-button phones. Such devices work when connected directly to the sound card or USB port. Though they are external they still are treated as soft phones due to the necessity of software installation for signal transmission.

The next device on the VoIP scale of ranks is an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). This adapter is an analog telephone and broadband device go-between. The service of connection and terms of payment while using ATA is similar to simple contract with the phone company. You pay fixed monthly charge to your VoIP service provider. And of course such service can last as long as you need and can be stopped at your command. The advantage of such a telephone adapter is that you do not need computer at all. You just simply connect any analog telephone adapter to the DSL or cable modem via ATA and enjoy the conversation.

When you are at home you can call or pick up the phone and no one will ever know that you are using VoIP instead of landline. If you are going somewhere away from the house you can take ATA with you. Just connect it to modem to receive phone calls that will be routed exactly to the device without the rising in cost.

At last but not list in the scales of rank stand IP phones. There are a lot of differences between IP and Internet phones. For example Internet phones need to have software installed on your PC, but IP phones already have built-in software. Internet phones are connected to the computer that is connected to the modem. But IP phones are plugged directly to the modem just like ATA. And just like ATA you cal call and receive calls from every place you find broadband modem. Along all the advantages of IP phones they are much more compact and have a lot of useful functions like additional memory to store phone calls.

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