Long Distance - Cutting Telecommunication Cost With The VoIP

by Sharon Albright

Long distance calls from one country to another are very expensive. For the small business organizations, that need to make long distance domestic and international calls, the price becomes an obstacle. The high cost involved in making long distance calls can influence the profit of the organization. Thus, the owners of these small industries are always on the look out for cheaper call rates and greater talk time.

Realizing the importance of this factor, the telecommunication companies are constantly competing with one another to increase their sale by decreasing the rate. But, it is the entry of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in the market that seems to have dimmed the shine of the rest. It came as a blessing for small business and home based business. The PC to phone VoIP makes use of the internet connected computers to make calls to telephones around the world. The advantages of using VoIP are many. It carries voice data more efficiently via the internet and is very economical. A PC to phone VoIP call to USA fro anywhere in the world would cost a few cents per minute.

By using the internet to make your calls, the long distance charges imposed by major telecommunication companies are no longer there. To make a long distance call from your computer, you will require internet connection, microphone and speakers.

It is essential to know what your business needs before selecting the VoIP phone system for your business. If your business requires constant customer support by interacting over the phone, then it is important to select a better quality service. If you are using the phone to make long distance calls to communicate with your business partners for short intervals of time, then you can opt for a low cost option.

Even though PC to phone long distance service is economical, there are a few problems that you can face. Talking over the phone via PC to phone and surfing the web at the same time can degrade the quality of the call. You may hear an echo of your own voice when you use a speaker to make the long distance call. Apart from these few factors, the Voice over Internet Protocol service is the most economical way of making long distance domestic and international calls.

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