How You Can Save Money With VoIP

by Roger Overanout

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology used by Internet Telephones to transmit voice or audio files over the Internet. Using the Packet Switching Network does this; your voice is transmitted over the Internet and then received by either a computer, internet phone, or standard telephone. This is in contrast to the Circuit Switching networks that are used for the Public Switched Telephone Network (the standard telephone system) that people have been using for almost 100 years.

There are lots of advantages to be gained by using VoIP instead of PSTN primarily the fact that VoIP is considerably less expensive than other networks. In fact a lot of Instant Messaging programs are now including the technology for VoIP and are providing free calls to anyplace in the world. The only requirement is that the other user has a computer, high speed Internet, speakers, a microphone, and the same Instant Messaging program so that the call is handled entirely over the Internet.

To lots of people this opportunity to talk with friends and loved ones worldwide, without time limits, absolutely free of charge is a fantastic money saver. Now that Skype version 2 have introduced the ability to have a video connect as well, the video telephone is now here and it is free to use.

Many users adore VoIP because of its ability to integrate telecommunication services such as Email, Audio, Video, and Web applications into one program. This again is best shown by the Instant Messaging programs, while talking on a VoIP telephone service, users can continue to surf the web, read and write email, and also send video with their web cameras or digital cameras. All of this is made feasible by the power of the Internet.

This develpment offers amazing advantages for businesses as well as the personal user.

Internet telephones are starting to achieve a reputation as a replacement for the old style PSTN network. In fact, several PSTN networks are starting to recognize the value of VoIP and have started offering VoIP plans to their customers. Sprint, Verizon, and Cingular wireless are all including VoIP services. Over the next few years we will see a enormous increase of VoIP services and products.

VoIP telephone service providers are increasing in popularity as well, as more and more people realize all of the benefits available to them by switching to VoIP. First, that VoIP costs significantly less than standard telephone service, and this is a great attraction for new customers. Many VoIP service plans will let you make unlimited long distance calls or supply you with a plan for very inexpensive rates and of course if you are working over the Internet with no connection to a PSTN network then the call is completely free.

Also people are discovering that they prefer a VoIP service plan compared to a standard telephone plan for numerous reasons.

First, many of the additional services that you have to pay for with standard phone companies are typically free with a VoIP unlimited long distance and local calling plan.

These services include Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Blocking, Call Forwarding and Call Transfer. Obviously you will need to confirm with individual VoIP service providers the exact listing of detailed services and features offered.

Again, long distance calls are usually unlimited check with the service provider you are thinking of using to find out which countries you may call for either free or at significantly lower rates. There are presently no tax fees involved with VoIP services and no roaming charges when using mobile VoIP Wireless as well.

Businesses have found that they can eliminate extensive telephone cabling networks from their offices and replace them with VoIP and High Speed Internet connection. Many businesses prefer transacting their audio over the Internet for a mass of reasons. First, it is cost effective, second it provides superior flexibility and freedom, and third businesses can integrate their audio, video, Email, and Web applications and increase productivity and enhance their customer service all while saving money.

One benefit that may not be so popular with the general public is that Call centers have started to utilize VoIP and are now establishing virtual call centers worldwide. This gives them the ability to outsource to other countries, saving them money, and allows them the freedom to hire personnel in different time zones. In return this creates virtual call centers equipped with agents who can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so now they can call us 24/7/365!

VoIP has allowed working practice flexibility to rise because employees can exploit features such as Interactive Voice Response and Desktop Telephony Integration. Mobile employees can also benefit from VoIP services as VoIP is applicable wherever that there is a High Speed Internet connection or Wireless Hot Spot.

By allowing greater flexibility of working better integration with other computer programs, low cost connections to the traditional telephone system and free connections over the Internet, VoIP is allowing Internet Telephones to give huge savings and increased benefits to both the personal and business user.

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