VOIP Facilitates Small Businesses

by Paul Wilson

Imagine, VOIP has been declared by greats like Forbes.com to be "the four letter word for growth." It is widely acknowledged that technology can spur growth and businesses, even small ones that integrate new technologies, have a strategic and competitive edge over others.

VOIP offers great benefits. It involves the setting up of just one network that will encompass so many functions at extremely affordable costs. Studies show that the phone bill can be culled to half or even lower.

Although cost savings is reason 1 for installing VoIP there are by other great advantages. In the case of small businesses, you can choose any area code irrespective of where you operate from. So, if most of your clients are in Atlanta but you are based in New York you can choose a connection with an Atlanta code. This enables you to create a sound business presence in many cities. The system allows setting up of toll-free lines which creates the image of a large business. If you choose a plan carefully you will be able to make unlimited free calls for a fixed payment, forward calls, call internationally for a very low charge, and expand the reach of your operation.

A VoIP system moves with you, erasing the problems associated with business travel or other kinds of moves like shifting office or home.

As a business person, you or you office staff will always know who called because of "unified messaging." And the system collates all the messages such that you can prioritize responses. And, what is even more alluring is that business can retrieve messages via telephone, PC, laptop, or PDA. So, your customers receive 24/7 service and are never disappointed.

The VoIP system allows multiple employees to manage customer calls. Creates a "mini" call center expanding business potential and facilitates better utilization of scarce resources. This leads to immediate solutions for customers. Useful features are click-to-call, web based voice mail, integrated conferencing, auto-attendant capabilities, and call routing.

In case of corporate use, VoIP allows the use of a single high speed internet connection for all voice, video, and data communications. It permits convergence. By incorporating a single data network across all offices and employees the business can reduce operating costs, increase productivity and efficacy, and enhance communications and customer services.

What you need to do, is seek expert advice and find out all you can about quality, infrastructure, costs, and advantages as well as disadvantages. Technology moves with time so keep in mind aspects like upgrading of system and maintenance.

The system introduces efficiency, effectiveness, professionalism, and a customer oriented approach to the smallest of businesses, lending the business the advantages of otherwise unattainable infrastructure.

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